Sabre Scribe

Sabre Scribe is a product that allows travel agencies to automate and customize Sabre® system processes through the development and use of pre-defined sets of instructions.

UX Challenge:
To understand current developer journey of how this tool is used by developers to create, recreate, customize and distribute the scripts. As this is an existing product, one of the main task was to uncover assertions

Scribe is a an awesome scripting tool but only works within Sabre POS, so challenge was to uncover and list the solutions it provide and eventually detach it and make it a stand alone product
Step 1: Assumption validation process was used

Step 2: User interviews with developers was conducted to understand how it is being used and what challenges are encountered
Intent was to gain and present clarity into Scribe user journey. As part of the uncovering, users interviews analysis a user journey map was created. An artifact that will help team to work on next version of this product
Scenario Mapping: Multiple scenarios (example shown above) were developed to understand the workflow as Pricing analysts see it
Image Image Image
Short learning curve is imperative -Developers stated that Scribe’s main value proposition is how quick it is to learn and implement. Otherwise, there isn’t much point in using Scribe.

Webservice and API integration valued - Developers see webservice as the future and rather have this capability built into Scribe rather than trying to find workaround to try and make it work

Most work are updates to existing scripts - Aside from onboarding new clients, most work involves updating existing scripts and other maintenance activities.

Templates not perceived as useful - Most developers may refer to documentations but prefers to write from scratch

Additional tools to maintain would be nice but not priority
While developers would like more tools to help maintain their scripts, they have systems in place that served their purpose.

Journey Mapping: Multiple steps were reflected and uncovered during this user journey mapping exercise.
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